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Budding Young Gardeners!

Developing a green thumb with friends can’t be beat!

At Hillsboro we have an acre garden in which our Gardener Extraordinaire, Ms. Wendy, helps us understand how to make decisions about what to grow: when, where, and how! Two weeks ago the elementary and middle school students had the opportunity to make “seed tape.”

We loved how we got to prepare our carrot seeds in advance of planting them. They need two inches between each seed. Ms. Wendy knew that toilet paper is biodegradable and that it is four inches wide. Folding it in half length-wise made the perfect backdrop. We used a ruler to place our natural glue and seeds every two inches. This past week we got to lay our seed tape out in one of our gardening beds.

Working with such tiny seeds, Evan gave us all pause as he expressed, “I can’t believe this tiny, tiny seed is going to grow into a carrot that we can eat!” Cate then mentioned how everything in our garden begins as seeds; even acorns are Oak Tree seeds. Our discussion meandered through students sharing their experiences watching tomatoes, kittens, puppies, and a baby cousin grow bigger and bigger!

Making connections, thinking about the world around us, and enjoying the difference we are making, just a typical day at Hillsboro.