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A Little Help for Puerto Rico


A Little Help for Puerto Rico

– Nikole

After hearing of the tragedies that so many people are suffering in Puerto Rico, we wanted to do something for them, just like we did for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.


So, on Friday Oct. 6, we went to Christian Service Missions to help sort donations for delivery to Puerto Rico. We, the middle school and high school students, helped sort multiple pallets of donated goods and sorted them into neat bins of dry and canned goods, diapers, cleaning supplies, hygienic supplies, water/drinking supplies, paper goods and pet food.  It took us all morning, but we were able to unload over ten pallets of goods and prepare the same number for departure for Puerto Rico. Fortunately, people had also donated dog and cat food, litter, and toys for pets. That makes me happy because we were able to also help animals.


Our few hours of hard work together felt good because we were able to help in real specific ways. We filled each box with certain supplies for them to open. It is hard to imagine so many people in need of such basic stuff.  That would be really hard, but at least these boxes will help.