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Mystery Solved!

Hillsboro Elementary Students accepted the Mysterious Substance Challenge after last week’s discovery. Independently, students and their families conducted web searches based on their initial field observation of the substance. They hypothesized based on their findings and further researched to answer their questions.

Students first discussed how they went about determining the mysterious substance.  Search terms included gelatinous, slimy, Alabama pond, and squishy. Based on their observations and the information they discovered online, students came to various conclusions, including frog eggs, a giant slug, and the correct answer….freshwater bryozoan, aka Pectinatella Magnifica!  


Once the class determined what the creature actually was, the students who correctly identified it shared their learning. Many students (and the teachers!) were surprised to learn that it is an animal, rather than a plant or a fungus.  Freshwater Bryozoan are also known as Moss Animals, given their strange and mossy appearance. Thankfully, this creature is neither poisonous nor invasive.

Congratulations to Jackie Brand Butler, the winner of the Mobile Science Kit Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this fun community research project. We had a blast and enjoyed reading everyone’s ideas and encouragement.