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Hillsboro Seniors: On the Move

While we will miss our graduating seniors, one of the goals of Montessori is to make sure our students are prepared for a fulfilling and purposeful life after high school.  We are excited to announce that the test and college admissions season is going well for our students. Our median ACT is a 30, with some students receiving perfect marks in multiple sections of the ACT.

On the admissions front, students from The Hillsboro School have already been admitted to The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama at Huntsville, as well as Birmingham Southern.  We will keep you posted on other college admissions as the process continues! We are very proud of our high school students, not only for their academic achievements but also the young adults they are. They are well loved by all the children in our school and provide excellent role models for them. I hope you will take the opportunity to meet with and talk with our high school students at one of our community events. They are excellent representatives of the Hillsboro School.

(photo credit:  The Hillsboro School’s high school students.  This photo was taken on a class trip to Williamsburg, VA.)

(quote source: Dr. Maria Montessori)