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Summer Enrichment Camps- Hands-On at Hillsboro

What your hands do, your mind remembers.

A great way to check us out is to enroll your child in one or all of our weekly June summer camps listed below. The Hillsboro School Community bases everything we do on how children learn. We believe children’s learning is well connected with the world in which they come into contact. To support the development of students’ natural curiosity, compassion, and creativity, we provide hands-on learning experiences within nature for them to discover more about their world and themselves. 
Our students are able to experience joy and wonder as they explore nature, science, and art on our 30-acre campus in Helena, AL. We invite you and your children to do the same.

-Hands-On at Hillsboro: Preschool Camps-

3 years old -Kindergarten

June 4 – 8 Food for Thought

Our acre garden provides the perfect inspiration to learn about food, gardening, and creating healthy snacks.

June 11-15 Water Wonders

Students explore water around the world, experiment with water, and learn all about forms of water.  For Fun Friday they wear their bathing suits!

June 18-22 Color Exploration

Students have the unique opportunity to explore the colors in their world, especially of flowers and fruits, and then they get to be creative with them!

-Hands-On at Hillsboro: Elementary Camps-

Rising 1st-6th graders

June 4 – 8 Food for Thought

Our acre garden provides the perfect inspiration to learn about gardening, and preparing healthy snacks, and how our bodies use food.

June 11-15 Lego Robotics

Students get to explore the world of LEGOs and robotics at the same time. They will build their own chassis and attachments, learn to program a Mindstorm robot, and get it to run various missions!

June 18-22 Nature’s Artistry

Students have the unique opportunity, while on our 30 acres, to explore how artists around the world use nature for inspiration, and then they get to be creative themselves!

Join us for these hands-on learning camps and observe our children engage their senses as they work in the garden; build their Lego robots; or paint by the pond while listening to birds. Through such opportunities, our students learn to make sense of their world, develop their inquisitiveness, and grow independently.

We invite you to be a part of Hands-On Hillsboro!


Dr. Melinda Bray

post quote: Dr. Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p. 25