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Guess What we SAW?

And to think that I SAW it at Hillsboro…


We are pleased to announce that some of our high school students recently received recognition for their writing skills. High school senior Saie Hansen and sophomore Hannah Bray entered their writing in the Scholastic Arts & Writing (SAW) competition for the Southeast Writing Region-at-Large.  Saie earned a Silver Key for their poetry entitled, “Caged.” This was Saie’s second time earning an award, which means their work has been acknowledged both times they submitted! We are excited Saie’s writing has received such high acclaim as it is always healthy for students to hear such positive feedback from others outside of our community as well.


Hannah earned a Gold Key for her poetry portfolio entitled, “Musings of an Introvert.” This is Hannah’s fourth year earning an award for her writing, with a Silver Key, three Gold Keys, and a Gold Medal already. Hannah’s poetry will now automatically be considered for further honors in the national competition, as when she received a Gold Medal in Carnegie Hall and The Empire State Building was lit gold to celebrate their accomplishments. Good luck Hannah!


Oh the places they will go!

Dr. Melinda Bray