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Learning in a National Wildlife Certified Habitat

Learning in a National Wildlife Certified Habitat


Hillsboro offers our students a place to learn outside and connect with nature while providing the habitat elements wildlife need to thrive. We are excited that The Hillsboro School is now a National Wildlife Federation Certified Schoolyard Habitats Site!


Imagine being in a classroom, but instead of being surrounded by walls and a window to the outside, children are free to be curious in the natural world.  We agree with Dr. Montessori, “A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature.”


Hillsboro students have the luxury of exploring a 30-acre campus. They use their senses to listen to the music in nature, examine insects going about their day, feel the differences in tree bark, and taste the honey from our apiary.  They intrinsically wonder and marvel as they inquire about their discoveries.


We have found Dr. Montessori’s words to be true, “When children come into contact with nature they reveal their strength.” While, unfortunately in today’s world, many children do not experience the richness and imagination nature has to offer. Children who know what it means to be still, wonder, and investigate also reveal an immense joy in learning!  


Students at Hillsboro have the real world for their school. They can design experiments, weigh different objects, forge for sticks for their fort, and relax peacefully as they watch the sun gleaming on the lake.


Our students also form a natural desire to be good stewards of the wildlife on our campus. As they spend time in nature they grow to appreciate it more and more. For example, they made and sold birdseed bird feeders to raise money for a butterfly garden.  


To be sure, nature is in good hands at Hillsboro!


post quote: Dr. Maria Montessori