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Prepping for Pollination

Our amazing families transform our Hillsboro community into a second home. We appreciate the wellspring it has become both for our children and for ourselves!


Thanks to the Estrada/Noon Family and Thrivent Financial generously matching the family’s charitable donation, Hillsboro has received $500 in kids’ beesuits, garden tools, seeds, and supplies to build an educational/community pollinator garden.


At Hillsboro we, like our symbol the honeybee, have a synergistic relationship with our world and desire to be masters of stewardship that model purposeful lives. Honeybees are highly organized, masters of communication, and thrive without damaging their environment or harming other organisms. They pollinate the flowers of thousands of species of plants, boosting their fruit production and ensuring legacy of the species. The honeybees take the nectar and pollen gathered from flowers to produce honey and bee bread to sustain the hive over the winter.


To help sustain our Hillsboro honeybees, our students researched and drew plans for our pollinator garden. Now we are prepping for pollination by seeding a variety of flower types, shapes, and sizes in a bright, sunny spot along our pond.  The classroom, reimagined.