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How We Love

It’s only appropriate that February is the month we dedicate to LOVE! From We Love Hillsboro Day to our Annual Humane Society Drive and Black History Month, we find beautiful ways to weave important concepts like friendship, compassion, stewardship and the Montessori peace curriculum into our learning and celebrations. We’ll spend the whole month asking students to share about the people, places, things and ideas they LOVE!

Talk Montessori to me…

Children’s House: is the collective term for all the classrooms from Toddlers (18mo-3yrs) through Primary (3yrs-6yrs). Currently, Children’s House is operating out of Grace Christian Church in Helena.

Elementary: similar to a traditional elementary structure, but mulitage classrooms that are socially and emotionally fluid. Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grade) and Upper Elementary (4-6th)

Erdkinder: traditionally a boarding community of 6th- 12th grade students that builds a mini-society of adolescents. Here at Hillsboro, our adolescent students commute to school, but do build a tight-knit community with their teachers and venture out on weeklong trips to explore and enrich their learning with big experiences. We refer to them as Secondary 1 (6th-8th grade) and Secondary 2 (9th-12th).

Our Conscientious Community

We are so thankful for the positive and supportive response to our Parent Education Meeting. The small changes all of us are making have translated into big gains in our classrooms already. The quiet but energetic hum of the classroom is returning, concentration and focus are growing and our community is thriving!

Enrollment for 2023-24

Enrollment invitations for returning students will be sent Friday, Feb 10 and will be open until Mar 10, 2023. Please return contracts promptly to secure your student’s place before we open enrollment to waitlisted families.

Changes coming to the 2023-24 School Year:

  • Scholarships and financial aid
  • Moving towards all-inclusive tuition to reduce added monthly costs like field trips, afterschool enrichment…in the future breakfast/snack/lunch included.
  • We will have Montessori certification for all of our lead teachers complete and on our way to accreditation.
  • Teaching and support team pay raises to attract and retain the best teachers.

Construction Update

We are currently in a holding pattern awaiting a revised appraisal of the construction costs. Inflation has been playing havoc with reconciling bank loans and construction costs, but cooling inflation is good news for us! We’ll keep you all posted…