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Tuition and Fees



2024-2025 Yearly Tuition Rates

Secondary I
Secondary II

Current extended care hours are based on community needs.  As we strive to meet the needs of our working parents, these hours are subject to change based on community requirements and staffing availability.

Other Fees: • Non-refundable application fee due with submission of application per family: $100.00 • Non-refundable deposit due with submission of contract per student: $500.00 (applied toward total tuition) • Please refer to the enrollment contract for full information regarding other fees, including fees for field trips, and late payment.

All families that utilize ACH as a payment will receive an additional 5% off their tuition.


• The first child is charged full tuition, a 5% discount is applied to the second child’s tuition, and a 7% discount is applied to the third and each subsequent child’s tuition. The child with the lowest tuition amount will receive the discount. Refer to the enrollment contract for additional sibling incentives.

•  A 6% family discount applies for school teachers (Primary, Elementary, and Secondary Educators), school bus drivers, school custodians, school lunchroom workers, school staff, policemen and policewomen, firefighters, paramedics, current and former (honorable discharge) servicemen and women of all branches including the National Guard.

Note: The Hillsboro School will honor the highest discount when more than one incentive applies.

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