“At Hillsboro, we say that the world is our school.”

Inquiry Based Learning

At The Hillsboro School, we say that the world is our school.

Our Hillsboro community is deeply curious, and inquiry drives us to create and continually refine our learning. We believe, as Dr. Montessori did, that children are naturally inquisitive and seek to understand the world around them. It is our job to inspire them and prepare authentic learning opportunities for students to wonder, develop a love of learning, and follow their passions. Students, driven by their curiosity, connect to and engage in the world around them.  They seek to make sense of the natural world, create new concepts, and compassionately contribute to their communities and world.

Experiential Learning on Campus

We take advantage of our multi-acre natural campus as well as the many experts in our own parental community and in local industry to engage students in learning beyond the classroom without even leaving campus. We have some yearly visits, such as from fire safety experts. Others are based upon student interest; often students ask if they can plan an outing or invite someone to campus. Local businesses engaged in activities that interest students, such as dog trainers or fire safety experts, are brought to campus.

Learning Around Birmingham

The Birmingham area provides a number of wonderful learning opportunities, including places like the Barber Motorsports, Botanical Gardens, Civil Rights Institute, Golden Flake factory,McWane Center, and the Southern Museum of Flight. Faculty have many such outings planned, but students are encouraged to suggest and plan their own outings as well. High school students also take trips to area colleges.

Service Learning

Giving back to our community is a central part of The Hillsboro School philosophy. Faculty prepare and engage students in a regular service learning activity over the course of the year, but students may also propose service options. Our students have wonderful giving hearts!

Montessori Model United Nations

Ms. Melinda earned her Model Montessori United Nations Teaching Certification twelve years ago. Since then she has prepared and taken 30 students to NYC to experience the challenge of representing a country's view on a real world issue. Issues have ranged from nuclear proliferation to GMOs to children forced to engage in combat. For those who wish to participate, we travel to New York City, where we visit the United Nations building and have motions proposed on the floor. Students from around the world participate, making this trip internationally rewarding on many levels.

Unity Trip and Class Research Trip

A key element of The Hillsboro School is students’ ability to be confident in their abilities to live globally. To that end, students help select and plan the outings that interest them. This includes the yearly high school trip that goes to various places around the United States. Trips may be to places such as Acadia, Yosemite, or Yellowstone. Students propose the trip destination and work as a group to decide from among options as well as set the budget, plan itinerary and accommodations, etc.