“My daughter has blossomed and learned so much. I feel so good sending her to school knowing she is loved, safe, and happy.”


The Hillsboro School provides a curriculum that allows children to explore and learn in a safe environment. We challenge them to grow to their potential. Our students’ passions are encouraged, allowing the opportunity to delve into their favorite topics at advanced rates while simultaneously being pushed to grow in all areas. As a result, students in high school may take AP exams or early college classes at area colleges as part of their curriculum options.

In line with the Montessori philosophy, we strongly believe in the importance of learning across all STEAM areas. We utilize multi-age classrooms, where students develop confidence and mastery together. In addition, students at Hillsboro also learn conflict resolution skills. Taking time to learn and then practice healthy communication skills prepares our students for life.

Our classes are focused on creating independent learning opportunities with mentorship relationships with faculty. These are the types of experiences top colleges are offering students today.


With guidance in skill applications, Hillsboro’s artists are encouraged to explore and use their imaginations. Students discover their own unique ways as they journey on their path to becoming the problem-solvers, creators, and innovators of the future. Our art lessons build through grade levels. We examine thematic works of famous artists, various forms of expression, different cultures, and our natural surroundings as we explore opportunities for creative expression.


The Hillsboro School’s Spanish immersion program gives students, preschool through high school, the unique opportunity to rapidly acquire the Spanish language while building a strong foundation in a broad range of Montessori skills. Through full Spanish language immersion, our program aims to develop bilingualism and achieve correct pronunciation and phonetics.

A rich Montessori environment supports optimal Spanish language learning by tying language to a broad range of everyday activities. A portion of each classroom day will include Spanish to help students acquire the language and terminology needed for everyday life. Hillsboro students will also be exposed to a variety of environments, to use the their new skills and vocabulary in interactions with other students and members of our community. We will take different small trips to gardens, learn how to make Latin American dishes, and participate in local service projects that will develop Spanish language skills in day-to-day activities.


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