“We want to instill a voluntary passion for excellence. "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right."”

High School Program

At The Hillsboro School, the world is our school.

That means engaging our students outside in the world, as well as preparing them for lifelong learning after they leave school.

High School Program (Secondary II)

Every phase of Montessori is carefully designed to be consistent with the personality and characteristics of children at that stage of development. We help student find their own voice and learn how things work in the world. In addition to the academic work required by the State of Alabama, we want to instill a voluntary sense of passion for excellence in our students. Our aim is for Hillsboro students to graduate not only with high academic achievement, but to graduate with a set of values they live by, a tradition of service and a global understanding.

Students are able to help shape the direction of their inquiry and discussion in literature and history, and in deciding upon projects and hands-on work in math and science. Students are guided in this work both by their own pacing and interests as well as by the gentle but consistent encouragement of their teachers. To aid each student’s individual development, weekly meetings are held with a teacher advisor to determine personal learning goals as well as unique needs and strengths. To supplement the individualized learning, Hillsboro also allows students to engage in online classes, bringing the best the world has to offer in a global classroom. Additionally, we value students engaging in solo time so that each may develop an appreciation of quiet through self-reflection, a walk through the woods, or work of the hand (knitting, origami, crocheting, sketching, juggling, etc.).

Students at The Hillsboro School are expected and required to seek out hands-on opportunities to challenge their thinking and learning. Our secondary program uses a rotating curriculum where lessons are not based on lecture and are inquiry-based and interdisciplinary. We believe students should have a stake in their education and offer an integrated approach to learning, where subjects intersect and validate one another. Students have the opportunities for abstract thinking and the space to come to their own conclusions.



Graduation requirements can be found here.