“The teachers at Hillsboro truly care about each child, and continue to find ways to inspire and motivate the kids.”

High School Program

At The Hillsboro School, the world is our school.

That means engaging our students in the world as well as preparing them for lifelong learning after they leave school.

High School Program

While some students choose to go on to apprenticeships or other options, for the majority this means college preparation. For breadth, we require the successful completion of four years in each of the core academic areas of math, science, social science, and English as well as two years in a foreign language. Elective hours provide the option for more breadth or depth, as students have the option of taking many classes of their choosing in a variety of subject areas including the arts, philosophy, music, technology, entrepreneurship, engineering, robotics, woodworking, and more.

Students are able to help shape the direction of their inquiry and discussion in literature and history and in deciding upon projects and hands-on work in math and science. Students are guided in this work both by their own pacing and interests as well as by the gentle but consistent encouragement of their teachers. To aid each student’s individual development, weekly meetings are held with a teacher advisor to determine personal learning goals as well as unique needs and strengths. To supplement the individualized learning, Hillsboro also allows students to engage in online classes, bringing the best the world has to offer in a global classroom. Of course, our students still have in-house mentors in their faculty to guide them on their learning journeys. Additionally, we value students engaging in solo time so that each may develop an appreciation of quiet through self-reflection, a walk through the woods, or work of the hand (knitting, origami, crocheting, sketching, juggling, etc.).

This is all supplemented by real world experience. Students at The Hillsboro School are expected and required to seek out hands-on opportunities to challenge their thinking and learning. Some will be modeled in the classroom, such as science experiments focused on the environment and community around us. Others involve activities in groups such as the robotics teams which work on engineering principles, mechanical engineering elements of design and building, as well as programming and game strategy. For others, real world experience will come from our internship option in which students identify areas of professional interest and seek out ways to get involved with professionals already in the field. Student learning is meant to be both personally interesting and connected to the outside world.

Graduation requirements can be found here.