“It's like I'm sending him to school and the people teaching him are family.”


Our Children’s House level, for Toddler – Kindergarten, provides a safe, caring “second home” for your child.

The Toddler and Primary classrooms, for children ages 18 months – kindergarten, focus on nurturing children’s innate love of learning as they develop concentration, organization, coordination, and order.

Toddler Class-

The Hillsboro School is first and foremost a school for your little learner, aged 18 months – 3 years. We celebrate each step in their journey to experience the world around them.  Beginning in the Toddler class, our youngest students learn and practice practical life skills such as brushing their hair and putting on a coat, as well as learning their letters, colors and numbers.  Their curiosity is encouraged and supported using materials the children can touch and manipulate.  Phonetics and language are introduced along with counting and problem solving.  Hillsboro Toddlers enjoy a daily Spanish Class. Our low 5:1 student ratio ensures every student is known.



Education blossoms in our Preschool.

Students are presented with choices of which lesson to work on and when.  Attentive guides fan the flames of curiosity and take the time to work with students one-on-one and in small groups. Our multi-age classroom teaches leadership and community in an authentic way. Students learn grace and courtesy in addition to academics. Because there are no limits to what they can learn, many students leave Kindergarten with knowledge well above grade level.  Hillsboro Preschoolers also enjoy an immersive Spanish Class every day. Our students love having outside class time during good weather and Kindergarten students explore the science of nature on their Nature Walks.



Visit us and observe how focused our students are as they choose their jobs and work diligently to complete them. You can feel their excitement. You will also witness the compassion they show one another. Through our Montessori peace curriculum, students learn how to use their words to express what they need and to solve problems with their friends.