“ I am often racing behind [my son] to jump in the car and go to school.”

Our Campus

The Hillsboro School is located close to Exits 6 and 10 on I-459, and is only a 10-minute drive from the Target shopping center at Exit 10.

We utilize open classrooms and mix furniture such as sofas and chairs with desks and carrels, allowing students the flexibility to learn in the place and style that works best for them. The modification of the one-room schoolhouse concept allows for students to establish learning patterns and environments that best suit them while still being easily monitored and mentored by faculty. However, we also make great use of service learning and learning ourtside and off-campus, engaging in hands-on integrated projects that take place on campus grounds, around Birmingham, or even on extended trips.


Our preschool campus is located at Grace Christian Church less than one mile away from our permanent campus on Elvira Road.  While we are not a religiously-affiliated school, we are proud to partner with them in our community service through helping serve at their Manna Ministries Program.

Our Convenient Location

A Target in Bessemer

B Ross Bridge

C The Hillsboro School

D Riverchase Galleria

E Interstate 459

Healthy Living

We are committed to the overall health, well-being, and development of your child. We believe nutritious food is essential for growing bodies and minds.

Our community is soda-free and we ask families to refrain from sending candy or sugary foods. We encourage parents to provide students with a variety of fresh, nutrient-dense, whole foods as part of their daily lunches and snacks. Such decisions help our students focus and develop healthy habits.