“Everything we do must…aim at improving the individual in order to improve society.”

Why Montessori?

"Schools as they are today, are adapted neither to the needs of {students} nor to the times in which we live."

Our task as educators is to identify and meet:

  1. the needs of our students
  2. the needs of the times in which we live

Thus, we base our practices on research and scientific pedagogy. We design experiences to:

  1. ensure your child learns how to learn
  2. create independence so your child can become the person she is meant to be
  3. develop adaptability for a productive and purposeful life in the 21st century

As Montessori said, “Everything we do must …aim at improving the individual in order to improve society.”

Montessori realized the responsibility we have as adults to educate children in a way that protects their individuality while calling them to contribute to making our world a better place. Through integrated, inquiry based curriculum, designed to foster connections between and across subject areas, we teach students how to set goals, monitor their progress, and challenge themselves to go outside of their comfort zone.

We realize every child is different and seek to make the most of those differences! Thus, our student-to-teacher ratio is intentionally low, while our faculty is exceptionally talented.

Technology and transportation have changed the way we interact with the world, and will continue to do so. To both take advantage of this and prepare students for this world, we engage students in real world experiences where they apply their learning in multiple off-campus projects.

Real World Preparation

The critical thinking and creativity that Montessori education develops are essential in the modern workplace and the list of famous former Montessori students is long. We believe it’s important for children to learn how to communicate, think for themselves, how to lead, work as a team, and how to learn.