“We want to foster exploration and trying new ideas, not limit them.”

Parental Involvement

The Hillsboro School is a second home for your child and family.

Because children are within their school community for much of their lives, choosing the correct learning environment for them to grow is important! At Hillsboro, we encourage parents to visit and learn about The Hillsboro School, observe their children in the classroom, engage in school outings and special events, and more. Our open door policy is designed to help parents more fully understand the Montessori philosophy in which their children are being immersed.

Classroom Observations

We desire for each parent to observe his or her child’s classroom. Only through seeing the children and the teachers interacting in a natural way can one begin to appreciate the environment in which the child is learning. After observations in the classroom, parents may meet with the Education Director and teachers to discuss any questions or details they wish to highlight.

Eat Together

From our Chili Cook-Off and Thanksgiving Feast in the fall to our Parent Tea in the spring, breaking bread brings us together a lot!

Read Together: Book Group

Upon joining our community, each family agrees to read the book, Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler. Written by a Montessori parent for other Montessori parents, it is a quick and easy read. The book clarifies simple Montessori misperceptions and highlights how parents can expect their children to benefit from a Montessori education.